Provider Maintenance

Getting you credentialed is just the first step in the process. What about keeping you credentialed? maintaining up to date credentials is a requirement for upholding hospital staff or facility privileges, as well as continuing as a participating provider with insurance plans. If any documentation experiences a lapse, you may become excluded from different healthcare facilities and insurance plans. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to maintain current credentials.

Since Emerge and See becomes your personal, fully staffed Credentialing Department, we keep your documentation and privileges completely up to date so that you do not have to even think about it. We ensure that all requests coming from commercial insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid are attended to immediately and completed promptly. We take your mind off of re-enrollments, updates, and re-credentialing so that you can continue tending to your patients instead of handling additional paperwork.

Since no two practices are the same, neither are our services. Our services are completely tailored to meet your specific needs. We work closely with your team so that our team never misses a beat. With Emerge and See, you receive a dedicated account manager who takes over your credentialing from start to finish and keeps you abreast of all statuses at your convenience. Remember, we are a dedicated, off-site “Department” of your practice.

Not only do we handle all credentialing needs, but we also maintain your files for you within an online. HIPPA compliant, secure server. Your practice will have an established, electronic file cabinet, which you will have access to at all times. All files which are sent, received, completed, pending are uploaded immediately, and maintained for your records. You are able to access any and all documents on a 24/7 basis.

Emerge and See, Your Complete Practice Management Solution

We have your credentialing covered, so that you can cover your patients.