Provider Enrollment

Increase your revenue by enrolling with different insurance companies. We provide seamless and efficient enrollment with all carriers of your choice, including Medicare and Medicaid. This will allow you to see your patients much sooner and get paid much faster for services rendered. Credentialing can be a very tedious, and sometimes tricky process. Mistakes in applications may delay your approval to a panel. That is where we come in. Emerge and See is your personal Enrollment and Credentialing Specialist, always by your side.

Streamlining the medical insurance enrollment process with Commercial carriers, Medicare and Medicaid facilitates you seeing your patients much sooner. Emerge and See’s expert Credentialing Specialists work with precision in order to complete, assemble, and submit your credentialing applications and get you enrolled with each carrier faster, thereby increasing your revenue opportunities and the patients that you are able to see.

Since all of our Credentialing Specialists come with a wealth of expertise and experience, we already know the processes required to get to the bottom line quickly. Emerge and See knows how to navigate through the requirements of each carrier and the hard questions to ask on your behalf as well as how to have your application completed and submitted without errors that may hold up your enrollment, and in effect, your ability to see patients.

Application completion, diligent follow-up, and tracking can be a daunting process. A large part of a successful practice is successful provider enrollment. It is one of the most important aspects within the business side of your practice. With a reduction in the time it takes to compete enrollment with each insurance provider, the practice has the opportunity to generate incremental value. Faster Enrollment means seeing our patients sooner, which, in turn, creates more opportunity for billing and collections.

It does not matter whether your practice is moving to a new location, if you are onboarding a new provider, starting a new practice, or separating from a current group to practice on your own. Emerge and See provides you with a dedicated account manager who takes care of any and all changes for you, so that your focus remains on your patients. We are your Credentialing Department and make it as absolutely easy as possible to have credentialing completed, quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly for you.

Let’s get you back to your patients.Let’s get you back to your patients.|They need you.

Emerge and See, Your Personal Provider Enrollment Specialists

We cover your credentials, so that you can cover your patients.