Primary Source Verification

The process of verifying the accuracy of the qualifications of a healthcare provider from the original source of that credential is commonly referred to as Primary Source Verification (PSV). Healthcare facilities, health plans, independent physician associations (IPAs) and accountable care organizations (ACOs) are different of organizations who require primary source verification. This may include, but is not limited to Surgery Centers, Urgent Care facilities, Group Practices, Hospitals, and the like. In order to remain in compliance with state and local laws and/or regulations of an accrediting organization, validation is required for whether a provider is qualified and competent to provide healthcare services as a member of their staff.

Some of the main credentials that require verification for a facility may include, but are not limited to the physicians Medical License, Board Certification, DEA/Controlled Substance Certification, Malpractice Insurance, and possible disciplinary actions against the provider, sanctions, NPI, work history and any gaps in employment, education and training, facility privileges and peer references.

Emerge and See provides Initial Application and Primary Source Verifications for healthcare facilities. We go through each and every step required by the verification process in order to ensure that all state and local regulations are followed. Because of our extensive experience with the verification process, we take it over as your Credentialing Department and obtain all of the necessary documentation and provide it to the facility so that a valid decision of competency can be made.

By privileging additional Healthcare Providers, the facility can exponentially increase revenue as well as patient base. With Emerge and See, you receive expert Credentialing Specialists who handle the entire process for you.

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